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Perfect Green Christmas Gifts

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by Kekka

If you want to take a stance this Christmas and give gifts which don’t add to the pressure we already put on the environment then read on for some great home-made and recycled ideas. Think of all that packaging waste you will save – not to mention some money – and friends and family will be delighted to receive something unique and personal which has involved you making an effort on their behalf.

1. Culinary delights. Get busy in the kitchen baking biscuits, making jam or even hand made chocolate truffles – yummy. Box them in something pretty and they will look gorgeous.
2. A Christmas tipple. One for next year maybe as it takes time to mature, but sloe gin is a perfect gift for those friends who like a little drink. Collect sloe berries from blackthorn bushes, add sugar and gin and leave it to develop – heavenly and very festive.
3. Christmas decorations. Give an early gift to decorate their homes. Holly wreaths for external doors, centre pieces for the dining table or maybe a candle holder. A lovely way to use natural foliage.
4. Recycle last years Christmas jumper. Don’t offend Granny by giving her back the one she made for you, but un-wearable knitwear can be converted into quirky cushion covers with some simple sewing and a few buttons to decorate.
5. The gift of time. A truly thoughtful present: offer your services to baby-sit, do the garden or walk the dog perhaps, whatever you think will be most appreciated by the recipient – even if it’s a task like re-painting Flooring and Doors.
6. Candle decorations. Always appreciated at this time of year, and one the kids can join in with. Recycle an ornate glass jar, decorate it with glass paints and add a tea light. Mums everywhere will love it!

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