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Perks of a Sunny Day

One of the most important factors that affect a person’s productivity at work is their mood. Happiness and contentment are two key figures which help a person achieve success in both their personal and professional lives. Simply put, it’s always good to be happy and one of the first things that will affect a person’s mood is sunshine. Sunlight is an important source of emotional comfort as well as energy all around the world.

Green Sunny

Staying under the warmth of the sun for an extended period of time is definitely harmful to the skin but the key to this is moderation. Studies have shown that sunlight affects the human physiology in a number of different ways, both positive and negative. However, by simply studying the benefits as well as the potential cons of sunlight, people can actually take advantage of the benefits of the sun without the risk.

Sunshine is definitely a wonderful, almost miraculous product from the sun because of its many benefits and uses. Although there are many varied applications to sunlight, here are a few examples of the perks of a sunny day:

  1. Happiness – Studies correlate sunshine with happiness. Waking up to a healthy, bright morning puts even the crankiest of people in a better mood which leads to increased optimism and productivity at work. In shorter terms, simply being in contact with the sun puts people in a better mood. People who feel better are more likely to tip more as well as exude an aura of happiness which inspires the people around him to perform better as well.
  2. Healing – Sunshine is scientifically proven to help heal cells inside the human body. Adversely, not getting enough sunshine has been linked to a higher risk of cancer for people. Studies have shown that sunlight is extremely helpful to the human body, both inside and out. Precisely because sunshine inspires growth and healing for human cells, it is then directly linked to healthier, happy people. Being healthy is also a benefit in itself. People who are prone to sickness are often spending their money on medicine, doctor consultation fees as well as other health related bills. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Go out a little bit more and soak up the sun for a healthier, better you.
  3. Smoking – Sunshine has been proven to dismay some smokers from smoking. Some health specialists recommend smokers to get a little bit more sun. Studies have shown that smokers who spend more time in the sun tend to smoke less while others are inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Sleep – Sleep is essentially one of the most important needs that a person can have. There are some people, however, that are prone to sleeping later due to their body clocks being affected by external factors such as working late into the night or even their lifestyle during their younger years. Studies have shown that exposing the human body to sunlight helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythms which influences a person’s internal body clock.

These are only some of the benefits people can derive from sunlight. From solar energy in the Philippines to growing crops in the provinces of China, the Sun is a source of life for everything that lives on Earth. Of course, there are other uses for sunlight such as energy production and growing crops. In closing, it can be concluded that people getting some sun is a good thing, provided that they wear some sunblock first.



Clark Pacis, is a traveller, writer and blogger. He is not sharing just his trips locally and abroad, but now he is writing anything under the heat of the sun in any walks of my life.

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