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Picking an eco-friendly fridge freezer in the modern home

Storing food that needs to be refrigerated, such as cold meats, cooked meats, and salad items, both safely and practically, is such an essential part of life in the modern home. However, an element to food refrigeration that is becoming more and more important as the effects of global warming and air pollution become more of a feature of the public consciousness is energy efficiency; people want to keep their food cool and hygienic, but they don’t want the atmosphere to suffer as a result.

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Luckily for such individuals, there are chest freezers, normal fridge freezers, and American fridge freezers on the market that mean you don’t need to make a compromise between safety, style, and energy efficiency. The fridge freezers of today are modern in look and come with a range of practical storage options that allow you to keep food fresh for longer while saving energy.

Perhaps one of the best is the Hotpoint RFA52P. Shelves that can be rearranged according to preference and the sort of food items being stored and spacious salad boxes are two popular features of a product that has an A-class energy rating, making it one of the best options around and at a relatively low price as well.

The Samsung RSH1DLBG is a product that both looks good and performs well under the surface too, which many sleek-looking items around the house fail to achieve. Like the Hotpoint, it has a top-class energy rating and is also able to boast a couple of additional features, such as an ice cube dispenser, that make it edge ahead of the competition in what is a truly competitive market.

These two models are also extremely reliable, which is so important in a modern household, so don’t worry about making these your starting point when you next seek out your new fridge freezer.

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