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Planning an Open Sunroom Decorated with Flowers and Plants

Where better to greet the morning sun than in an open sunroom decorated with an impressive array of flowers and plants?

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Open sunrooms are the perfect place to greet the day and entertain family and friends, and depending on the space you have to work with and the climate in your locale, they’re also fairly easy to plan and construct, though due to what’s involved, this is a project requiring professional attention – you can involve yourself in the planning but leave the construction of your sunroom to professionals.

Popular areas to construct (or convert to) sunrooms

Sunrooms are typically constructed on the side of homes and they’re known by many names including patio room, conservatory and solarium.

Adding a sunroom to the kitchen area is among the most popular projects of this nature as it makes for an outstanding area to entertain, though it isn’t uncommon for open sunrooms to be constructed onto other parts of the house.

Planning an open sunroom with flowers

Planning the construction of your sunroom and evaluating your home for the addition of a sunroom is just one aspect of such a project as you’ll also need to take into account the cost vs value ratio.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs Value Report, you can expect to recoup approximately half the costs involved when you resell your home though every home and sunroom project is different.

Here are a few of the many considerations you’ll need to bear in mind.

  • Using an existing door or window as an access point can save you thousands of dollars as it reduces the changes that need to be made to the exterior wall
  • Eastern sun exposure is best for mornings, western sun exposure for the afternoons and southern sun exposure is the best choice for hot climates
  • You can save around 20 percent by making your sunroom a ‘three season sunroom’ though it’ll be hot in summer and freezing in winter in many climes
  • Adding independent cooling and heating, i.e. non-permanent cooling and heating elements, can also make for a cheaper project

Plants for sunrooms

The flowering plants you choose for your sunroom will depend, to a great extent, on the climate in your area. Many experts advocate not going overboard on flowers and plants as too much foliage detracts from the view outside.

Also, bear in mind that:

  • Some plants require protection from the sun
  • Some plants require high humidity
  • Some require more ventilation than others
  • Some might not survive unheated sunrooms in winter

Popular plants for sunrooms include the following that are renowned for their excellent air purification qualities, an important consideration in sunrooms.

  • Aloe Vera is a hardy cactus that’s best grown in a large ceramic pot and depending on the variety, they can grow quite large and make for an attractive focal point
  • Boston ferns are hung in baskets and as they act as natural humidifiers they’ll add a little moisture to the air, aiding plants that require humid climates to survive
  • Crown of thorns are easy to maintain, available in many colours and are considered one of the most attractive house plants around
  • English ivy is a top choice for an air purification plant as they’re incredibly easy to maintain

For tropical climates, the following are very popular choices:

  • Hibiscus live for years and the flowers are as tropical as you can get – an excellent choice for warm climates
  • Orchids are among the most stunning flowering plants you can pick for a sunroom though they are temperamental and require specific conditions
  • Passion flowers are stunning and there are actually over 400 varieties; however, be aware that they don’t handle the cold well

Don’t, however, get carried away with the gardening before you plan the design of your open sunroom and although you can find plenty of information online and outline what you want from your sunroom, you’ll need to work with an architect to design it, along with builders experienced in constructing cheap patios in Perth to carry out the construction – this kind of project is simply too much work even for highly experienced DIY aficionados.


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