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Qualities to Look For in Your Gardener

The garden adds so much value to the average home. It can increase the value of your home by up to £10,000, as well as adding an untold amount of herb appeal. If you aren’t the green-fingered wizard you expected yourself to be, consider professional garden maintenance Essex. Pick the right gardener and he can craft something long-lasting and suited to your needs.


Here are some of the qualities you should look for in a gardener.

What is He?

It seems like a strange question to ask, but it’s an important one. Is he a man who plants a few vegetables/flower and goes on his way, or does he design the entire area from scratch?

One isn’t necessarily better than the other. It all depends on what you want. Firstly, find out what you want. Think about your ideal garden and what you would expect it to look like. This will point you in the right direction.


You, ideally, want a professional gardener who gardens as his main job. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with amateurs, a professional will always offer superior results. Ask about some of the projects he has worked on in the past.

A professional gardener should have some sort of portfolio he can show you. It might be an album of photographs and testimonials, or it could be a website with examples of his work. Carefully inspect his portfolio and decide if he’s the person for you.


Gardening is still a dangerous profession. If something goes wrong and he causes some serious damage you could be left out of pocket if he’s uninsured and just disappears. He should have comprehensive public liability insurance. Ideally, he should have at least £1 million worth of insurance.

Since it’s unlikely he will cause any more damage than this, you can usually get away with this lower amount. Obviously, the more he has the better.

What about Qualifications?

There are gardening qualifications in the UK. These include NVQ, NPTD, and HND. There’s a long debate over how far these should be taken into account. The best thing to do is to base it against experience. Some gardeners have zero professional qualifications but lots and lots of experience.

Older gardeners especially might be in this situation. These gardeners likely trained in a time where professional qualifications for gardeners didn’t exist. It was all based around apprenticeships and work experience.

If the gardener has little experience, base your decision on his qualifications. If he has the experience, go on what you can see not the initials next to his name.

Own Tools

Gardeners should have their own tools. You shouldn’t have to pay extra to buy them tools. You don’t know what they need and the cost of buying tools could run up quickly. It’s a mark of professionalism and commitment if a gardener brings his own spade and rake.


If your gardener will be using a chainsaw, pesticides, or disposing of waste they need a license. These licensees show a gardener is well-trained in dealing with these hazards and has experience with reducing the chances of having an accident. Professionals in garden maintenance Essex will always have these to hand for potential clients.

Cathy Marks turns to garden maintenance Essex for her gardening needs.

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