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Repairing Wood Exteriors of Homes

Even the best homes can experience rotting on the outside, and if this is the case for you it is probably a good idea to get that fixed as soon as possible. A exterior of a house that is starting to rot is not only bad for your health to have it around, but it can mean that the walls are no longer as safe as they should be and can cause a collapse.

Wood Exteriors

Oftentimes rotting is not preventable, and it is caused by either bad drainage of the home, improper sealing, less than good circulation and an excess of rain or lots of humidity coupled with one of the other issues. If you have a wooden exterior on your home, this is how you can replace that material.

  1. The first step in this process is to locate all the areas that are rotted or have rotted, and you can easily tell which ones they are by seeing if the surface is darker than the rest of the wall. If you think an area is rotted, try taking a screwdriver or a similar tool and push into the wood. If it goes in very easily without a lot of fuss, then you know that this area is no longer good or sturdy.
  2. Next, you will have to remove all of the area that is rotted. It shouldn’t put up much of a fight, and it will be really easy to take off with a hammer or screwdriver. If any of that space feels soft or wet, then you know that it will have to come off immediately. In fact, it might even be a good idea to just take off an area entire that you believe is affected. When the new wood panels go on they will have to attach to a completely dry surface.
  3. Once the rotted wood is off and the undamaged wood is still exposed, you should take the proper measures to ensure that it is protected. There are many products on the market that you can use to do this part, but just be sure that you only use one at a time and allow them to dry completely before using another one. One type of product that is available is a wood hardener that will keep the walls dry and hard, and there are also preservatives that you can inject into them as well. There are also products that can be applied to deter mold and fungi from growing on the surface.
  4. Once the rest of the exterior of the house is protected, go ahead and put the new boards up to seal the hole or empty space. If the rotting area is not completely ruined and only half of the surface wood had to be removed, it is a good option to be able to use an epoxy wood filler. There are instructions on that product that will tell you what it has to be mixed with in order to activate the protectors and hardening ingredients. It won’t be long until the wall is looking good again, but you will want to see what the source of the issue was that cause it to rot. If there is bad drainage or a leak that needs to be fixed, that should be looked at too or else the other areas of wood are liable to rot eventually, too. If the rotting is due to weather or excessive humidity, then you can take measures and see what products are out there to prevent it from happening again and protect the remaining areas.

Written by Mike Wolfe of Mike Wolfe Construction. Mike and his crew offer the best service for home improvement Columbia, MO has to offer!

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