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Save energy and money when doing your washing up

For anyone who has a family, family finance is a big concern, especially in these tough economic times. So, finding ways to save money and energy has rarely ever been so important.

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by Ben Weiner

Whether you have a family or not, there are plenty of quick and simple ways in which you can begin to save money and energy, starting from today.

One of the easiest ways to save money and energy is with the household chores, in particular, the washing up. If you have a family you probably sometimes feel as though the washing up never ends! And washing-up liquid is hardly the most exciting thing to spend your hard-earned money on, so it can be very tempting to simply go for the cheapest brands, or whatever is on offer at the time.

It can be a false economy to do this however. If you buy cheap washing-up liquid, you will often find that it is in fact less effective than a trusted and reliable product such as Fairy Liquid. Cheaper versions may seem like they are saving you money at first, but you are likely to have to use a lot more to get good results, and therefore end up buying it more regularly than with a quality brand, thus spending the same amount of money (or even more) in the long run.

On top of the money you will mistakenly be spending by choosing cheap brands for the washing up, you will end up using much more energy in the kitchen trying to get those dishes clean with a product that simply is not up to the task.

A quality product such as Fairy Liquid will cut through the grease and dirt on the dishes much easier, leaving you a lot less flustered and using a lot less elbow grease trying to get everything clean. And when you’re a busy parent, that’s priceless.

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