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Schluter Systems Products For Your Green Home

Schluter Systems products at are available to online customers. The company is a progressive manufacturer of waterproof membranes called KERDI and an uncoupling membrane for tile floors called DITRA. In addition, Schluter makes all of the necessary and appropriate accessories to complete a flooring job.


Some of these products are corners, drains, adhesives and other important items. In addition, Schluter offers waterproof shower systems, steam rooms and all varieties of tile floors. One interesting product, available at with free shipping, is a Prefabricated Shower Bench. This is an example of an item that can improve a shower’s construction.

When a bench is added to a shower, it gives the owner a feeling of having their own home spa. Schluter-Systems offer its customers a choice of six pre-formed benches, and every one of them is lightweight, stable and strong because each is made with a high-quality and expanded polystyrene. In addition, each of the six designs may be customized for a perfect fit.

Another of’s most popular products is backsplash tiles. These are square tiles can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas. Most customers think that backsplashes create a modern and hip appearance in appropriate settings, and installation is fairly simple. The glass is mounted to a mesh backing, and the colors are permanent because they do not scratch or chip.

In addition, the company wants its online customers to feel free to contact them for advice about this product or any of its many other offerings.

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