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Setting Up Your New Home

There is nothing more exciting than starting life in a new house. But sometimes it can all be a little overwhelming – unpacking, purchasing home insurance, moving box after box, even the most patient person might become frustrated after a few hours. You have to take so much into account: Will the moving company damage some of my furniture? How will we get the huge refrigerator up the narrow flight of stairs? Which boxes should we unpack first? Luckily, we have prepared a short guide to setting up your new home:

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Before you lift a box, you’ll want to have a moving plan in place. Print off a layout of your new home and study it for a few hours. Determine where you want each and every item in your new home to go. Nothing is more frustrating than having to move your couches three times because you didn’t think ahead. Just remember to move the larger items first. You don’t want the removalist to trip over a barstool when he’s moving your new plasma TV.

Clean Up

When you first move into your new home, you’ll most probably want to start unpacking immediately to get the long tiresome process over with. However, if you can hold off for an hour or two, quickly clean up the area before moving things in. First sweep or vacuum the room, and then, if it is tiled, give the area a quick mop.

When you have finished cleaning, move all the boxes and the odds and ends out of the way so you have a clear view of the room. When deciding what the space should be used for, make sure you check for any dust, dirt, loose tiles or depressions in the carpet.

Moving Time

When it is time to actually move everything, make sure all your items are in clearly labelled boxes. For example, everything that is going into the master bedroom should be in boxes labelled ‘Master Bedroom’.

Check Your Appliances and Furniture

After you’ve unpacked all your belongings, you’ll want to make sure all your appliances and furniture pieces have not been damaged in the move. It is especially important to check your heavy appliances before you plug them in, to avoid any damage.

You’ll want to make sure you have all your warranties and guarantees available in case something is damaged. Before plugging anything in, make sure you know where you want to put it.


Remember to think of balance when setting up your home. A room should neither be too cluttered or too sparse, so make sure you create a good balance of space and distance. If, for instance, you’re unsure on how to set up your kitchen, just remember not to clump heavy objects together. Refrigerators don’t have to be right next to ovens.

Setting up your new home is quite exhausting, but with this short guide you will be able to move everything into place with no hassles or delays.

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