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Simple Steps for Avoiding Toxic Chemicals at Home

Harsh chemicals are a concern for many eco-conscious families, especially those with children or pets in the home. Even after a chemical has been used and is no longer visible on a surface, there may be a residue that could impact health in the future. Keeping your home free of harsh chemicals is a simple way to keep your family safe. There are many effective products that you can buy or make that can take the place of more traditional remedies for household problems. You clean your home to make it safer for your family, so be sure that you are actually creating the cleanest and safest possible environment by using chemical free and natural methods whenever possible.

Children and Pet at Home - Simple Steps for Avoiding Toxic Chemicals at Home

First Steps

Basic safety in a home with children begins with adding childproof locks to cabinets near the floor and to any area where chemicals or dangerous items are stored. Installing toilet lid locks is important if you use a bowl disinfectant that clips on or dissolves in the toilet tank. Be aware of items like remote controls which have batteries that could pop out if the object is dropped; consider putting strong tape over the battery housing.


The majority of chemicals in a household are used for daily cleaning and disinfecting. There are many commercially available options that use citrus and other essential oils as active ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. You can also clean most things with simple diluted white vinegar, although it will not smell as nice as as a product that uses essential oils.

Pest Control

There are several very effective methods of do-it-yourself pest control. Ants despise cinnamon, and you can stop an invasion by sprinkling it both inside and outside your window sills and door frames. Almost all bugs are deterred by tea tree oil; a dozen drops of tea tree oil and several drops of lemon oil either in water or vinegar makes an effective spray against bed bugs, roaches, lice, and many other pests. Sprinkling borax under dishwashers, washing machines, and anywhere you may see a roach or a waterbug will eliminate those pests in a matter of days.


Every home will eventually develop a slow or clogged drain, and most people immediately reach for a harsh chemical clog dissolver. These products carry a long and frightening warning label that cautions against any contact with skin, but also against contact with certain other chemicals to avoid an explosive reaction. While the products may work, they come with risks. A chemical-free option to clear your drains is hydrojetting, which involves pressurized water blasting the inside of your pipes clean. The procedure can be done by a plumbing company like King Rooter. A visual inspection of the clogged pipe should be done before and after the hydrojetting to verify the effectiveness of the procedure.

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