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Smart Ways to Warm Up or Cool Down

I am not going to start giving you exercise tips, don’t worry, though of course you cannot underestimate the importance of a good cool down in that context either! Anyway, I digress… what I am actually thinking about is insulation. Not the most exciting of topics you may say, but vital none the less to being energy efficient in our homes.

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We all know that heat rises, and that trapping warmth inside our homes is essential in the winter months. What you may not have thought about however is that this also applies elsewhere on a smaller scale. For example, certain kinds of mattresses are cleverly designed to keep your temperature constant through the changing seasons so that you don’t need to have the heating on overnight in order to be comfortable.

Sleeping well in your double beds without driving your other half to distraction with your cold feet is all very nice, but there are many other simple things to do as well: close doors behind you to keep spaces warm and open windows instead of running air conditioners or fans. Another thing to look at is whether you are running your heat and water system in the best way for your lifestyle.

The times when it is programmed to heat the house or heat water may not be exactly right, and you may be wasting energy unnecessarily. If in doubt refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual, consult an expert, or simply find what works best by trial and error. It may be that you need to set things up differently for the week and the weekends and this could make a big difference.

Be smart around the house and start doing easy things which just need to become a habit – you will soon feel the benefit in your home and your energy bill.

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