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Solar Solutions for Life

I got my energy bill this week and I am convinced that it is going up every quarter. No matter how careful we are with the heating, appliances and lighting the upshot is that every day life is a very expensive business. Now, I am not about to go and live in a hut in the woods and only use candles, but I do think that as a family we need to investigate ways to bring this part of the cost of living down to a manageable level.

Solar cells
Photo: Chandra Marsono

My first inspiration came from an episode of ‘Grand Designs’ where dear old Kevin, the housewives favourite (well – mine anyway!), is seen visiting a home with its own wind turbine to generate electricity. This venture was producing so much energy that the owners were actually feeding the national grid and being paid for doing so! Unfortunately, after my initial excitement I very soon discovered that whilst if you live in a remote coastal area with high winds this may not be a problem, the planners of more typical urban conurbations have other ideas. Spoil sports. So, not to be put off, the next area for investigation is solar power, and this it seems is a far simpler and more feasible option.

After an initial investment in the obvious kit: the solar panels themselves, plus any improvements to your home plumbing and electrical system, you can be cooking away in your assembled kitchens for hours without it costing you a penny. It is an upfront outlay with an eye on long term financial gain, but the experts insist that this is the way forward and it won’t be long until there are more homes using solar energy than those that aren’t.

Your luxury kitchen is not the only room to benefit either: imagine the number of hot baths a nice sunny day could give you, or how much television you could watch with a smug ‘free entertainment’ look on your face. If you are looking for a realistic way to reduce your energy bills for life then have a look at solar solutions now, it could really make your day.

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