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Spare Hefty Recycling Bins And Repurpose Wine Bottles With These Suggestions

During the holidays the recycling bins are always running over. However, you can lighten your load at this period through useful projects and engaging in attractive uses of your wine bottles. For instance, you can use them to keep your winter footwear upright by tucking them in the shafts either in a mudroom or a closet.


Cheese Tray Atop A Flat Wine Bottle

If you have a flat wine bottle, it is possible that you know they are reusable in more than one way. While some come with handles at their mouth and are gorgeous enough to hang in a bar or to be a part of a wall hanging, some are cheese trays. They are flat enough and kiln fired as cheese trays with an additional cheese spreader provided with them. These do not have to make their way into your landfill but are a better way of saving the environment.

Hydrating Your Plants

Wine bottles can be used to hydrate your flowers or plants with ease without the need of doing anything major on them. To make them slow drip irrigators, make a hole of a quarter inch across the cork and stopper while ensuring the bottle is full of water. The entire wine bottle full of water is then pressed into the soil next to the plant. Whether you are a wine or liquor user, you do not have to throw them in an already full recycle bin while you can use them in different ways beyond just hydrating your daffodils.

A Wall Made Of Bottles

Through the huge number of plans and tutorials especially across the web, it is possible to come up with a bottle wall, in particular fancy wine bottles. Bottles are used as architectural artifacts created especially to allow some light without compromising privacy. They are also very perfect as decorative designs in cob and cement walls.

Wind Chimes

Some of the wind chimes we know are made of some metal but you can take this to a whole new level. Using old wine bottles you can fashion them in adorable chimes in the wind. Amidst being very gorgeous, they will give you the sort of amazing sound you have always wanted.

Gift Idea

Sometimes you do not need a huge project to transform your wine bottles into usable items in your home. If you are always making home-made syrups, you can use the wine bottles to keep them safe, including home-made oils and beverages you might be making.


A DIY chandelier project is one of the best things you will ever do, especially with some members of your family. Wine bottles are used throughout the project and suspended from some kind of a rack and wired to ensure electricity goes through them. It can also be hardwired or an extended cord used. At a party at home they make a wonderful piece for a hearty conversation.

Wine Goblets And Bottle Glasses

A wine bottle can be cut with a vintage glass cutter to make a wonderful and unique bottle glass while the top can be maintained to be reused to transform the glass into some type of a goblet. Etching can be added for a distinguishing outcome.

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