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Stay Eco friendly with Electric and Eco car

Petrol and Diesel is leading to great environment pollution. Basically, electric car is the vehicle that uses motor controllers and electrical motors to power themselves, instead of the internal combustion engines which are more used by cars powered by petrol or diesel. Electric car requires to get re-charged roughly after every 150-250 miles, although this is the maximum life. These cars can get re-charged from the ease of your home by using the special electric devices or they can even get charged from the electric-car stations that are being spread all across country.

Electric car - Milano

Whilst the popularity has multifaceted over the time, these have lately started acquiring popularity.  These cars have several safety layers designed to mitigate the potential prospect of getting shock from battery of electric car. Re-charging time also vary which depends on amount of the power which the socket offers.

These cars does not emit carbon dioxide, that means that these cars are used preferably used by the people who are environmentally-friendly. There is no doubt that electricity is primarily generated through burning of fossil fuels that even does release the carbon dioxide in atmosphere. Thus use of electric car may even indirectly release the carbon dioxide.

Several electric cars uses the regenerative braking which means that important portion of the energy will be used when the car accelerates and it can be acquired back when car breaks. It helps in increasing the whole efficiency of vehicle.

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