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Steps to Protect the Environment for the Future

Climate change is happening and the environment is struggling to survive. The seasons are more dramatic than they have been in the past and are much more unpredictable. The trick is for humans to start protecting the environment and there are things that you can do on a daily basis to help out. Many of these tips could also help you save money and feel better about yourself!


1.      Drive Your Car Less

If you don’t need to drive, don’t do it! The fumes from the vehicles affect the environment considerably and burn a hole in your wallet – after all, gas is not getting any cheaper! You could live healthier by walking more places, whether it is to the shops for your weekly shopping or to work. You could also consider taking the public transport – it’s going to be running whether you drive or not!

2.      Switch Your Light Bulbs

Stop using the incandescent bulbs and switch to florescent ones or look for the energy saving ones. Energy saving bulbs do take longer to light the room up but they will help you spend less on your electricity bill while saving the environment. The florescent bulbs also use less energy than the incandescent ones. When the lights are not in use, switch them off! You’re just draining power when you really don’t need to!

3.      Turn All Devices Off

Like the lights, turn off your devices when they are not in use. It may seem like a chore at the moment but it will soon become a habit that you love. Like turning the lights off, you will be able to save energy while the environment so end up saving money on your electricity bills. Use that extra money to put into your savings and treat yourself for all your hard work.

4.      Donate Your Clothes, Shoes and Toys

So many people throw out old clothes but they are often still useable. Instead of throwing them out, take them to the charity shop – there are some that will give you a small amount of money for your clothes! If you do arts and crafts, you could also use your items for those crafts instead of increasing the landfill.

See if you can stop buying more clothes. There are many people who opt for “schwapping” – shopping for clothes by swapping them. You offer your old clothes for the items from someone else and could end up with a whole new wardrobe for free, while protecting your environment!

5.      Fix the Leaky Faucets

You will be amazed by the amount of water that is wasted through leaky faucets – and the extra money you spend. Take your time to check your faucets and make sure they are as tight as possible.

It is possible to protect the environment today. It doesn’t have to be hard work and many of the tips will become habit over time. While protecting the environment, you will be able to save money and spend it on treating yourself and your family!

Author bio:
Laura Brown is a manager for a retail chain that specializes in organic and all natural products. She has put up a Joe Schnaier like blog that focuses on several environmental issues and social commentaries on them.  Follow her on Twitter @lauralbrown02

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