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When you are staying in accommodations like paying guests in Indian metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai or Hyderabad you know you have an electricity bill to pay at the end of the month. Since the basics of staying in PG includes sharing of the payments of the amenities, you inevitably end up using electricity and other amenities too much without giving it much thought. The amounts may rise up to an amount where you might be required to re-think your usage. However, with the help of simple tips and tricks that are nature-friendly, you should be able to save some good amount of money and make the environment happy. India’s first broker-free housing rental portal shares some easy ways to bring down the utility bills amounts and stay happy.


To start the process, do a quick audit of all the hostels and paying guests where you stay and look for areas where you can bring about an environmental-friendly change. Your first step should be to check all the electrical outlets in the house and see, if they are working properly. If you have electronic items (household or personal) plugged on to them but not being used, unplug them immediately. They keep sucking energy even when not in use. Another smart and easy way to avoid keep these switched on is to buy and use a power strip. You can switch off it off at the end of the day and avoid unnecessary usage of electricity. This will definitely help you reduce your electricity bill to a great extent.

Usually, in a PG in Bangalore, the light and fan fixtures are provided by the owner of the house. However, once you move in, you can change the incandescent bulbs with the CFL or LED bulbs. These kinds of bulbs produce the florescent light that are capable of lighting up an entire room equally along with offering the advantages of lasting longer than a normal bulb and not allowing waste electricity. You can replace the bulbs in the rooms and see a positive impact on the electricity bill from the next month on wards.

Bangalore has an inherent problem of shortage of water supply in areas and owners of the apartment complexes charge water bill as part of the maintenance fees. To avoid paying the heavy maintenance bill, you can use a simple trick of installing aerators in the water pipes. While it is difficult to measure the usage of water for a person, one can definitely use methods to reduce the usage by a considerable amount. The advantages of installing aerators in the apartments will allow air in the water stream. This will make the pressure of water stream stay high but make you use less liquid. It may not be easy to measure how less water you are using but it will definitely show an impact on the overall usage of water in the apartment.

Another effective way of saving the environment as well as your hard-earned money is by adopting the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce the habit of buying household items that can be used again such as bottled food items. You can re-use the bottles for storing kitchen items the next time after buying them in required amounts. Similarly, you can check for used household items that others are looking forward to sell off at a cheaper rate. This way, you can use the items for yourself without having them wasted.

Renting household goods or buying used goods is a usual practice in Bangalore, especially for the office-goers who stay in PGs in Bangalore. It is an easier way to save while investing in setting up a house and contribute towards saving the nature as well.

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