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Surprising Ways Senior Citizens Can Go Green

As you age, you may place more importance on your health and wellness. This can include exercising regularly, eating right, and enjoying activities that are mentally stimulating. With so much importance placed on recycling and saving energy, you may also make a concerted effort to be more conscientious about the environment, and the world you live in. Joining the “green” movement can help save the planet and help you to enjoy a happier lifestyle.

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Ditch the Car

Poor air quality and pollution are the result of too many vehicles on the roadways. If you’re planning a trip to the store or a neighbor’s home, why not walk or bike to your destination instead of driving if you are physically able to do so?

Walking and biking are healthy alternatives that allow you to get exercise and enjoy some fresh air. For trips that require a vehicle, you can choose to carpool with other friends in your neighborhood. This will help save money on gas and help to eliminate some of the pollutants that are chocking our air.

Retirement Living

Many of today’s assisted living communities are more environmentally-friendly to Mother Earth than the traditional nursing homes of the past. Today’s high tech facades, like, are designed to improve the air quality of a residence, and minimize their carbon footprint through the use of energy-conserving appliances and by preserving the surrounding natural environment. These revolutionary changes are making a tremendous difference to the current environment, and will provide a healthy legacy for our grandchildren. They may also prove beneficial to the health of your body, your pocketbook, and your relationships.

Play In the Dirt

One of the benefits of retirement living is that you now have time to pursue those hobbies and interests you could never get to before. So go for it and don’t just “go green,” “grow green!” Create your own little patch of paradise and grow your own fruits and vegetables. This is a healthier option for seniors who are looking to add color to your diets and roses their cheeks. It can also save you a trip to the grocery store and reduce air pollutants spewing from your car. Instead of using pesticides and harmful fertilizers, you can choose organic varieties which are safer for the planet.

Renew, Recycle, Restore

Towns and communities have made great strides in cutting down on the garbage filling many of today’s landfills. You can do your part by recycling your paper, glass, and plastic products. You can also go through your home and find alternative uses to old furniture, clothing, and miscellaneous objects around your home. You can also recycle these goods at a resale shop or through another charitable organization.

Waste Not, Want Not

Wasted energy is bad for the planet and can cost you a significant amount of money on your utility bills each month. Between your microwave, refrigerator, television, and computer, you may find a lot of energy being wasted around your home. You can save on standby power by unplugging items after you’re done using them. If you’re in need of new appliances, you can find energy efficient items to be both beneficial to the environment and save you money in the long-run.

Simple things like shortening the time you spend in the shower and lowering your thermostat setting a few degrees throughout the day are simple tasks that can help save the planet. Even though you’re just one person, what you do matters. You can make it better world for your family and enjoy a healthy and active energy-efficient lifestyle.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell is still pretty green about the green movement, but is eager to learn. She hopes we all begin to take more seriously our stewardship over Mother Earth and do our part to make her a healthier safer place to live.

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