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Sustainable Flooring Tips

In today’s hi-tech world, many of us are keen to bring nature back into our home, with authentic, natural and sustainable materials, rather than synthetic, quick-fix solutions to our décor needs. A wooden floor will look wonderful for years to come and brings warmth and organic beauty into our homes.

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Many homeowners are keen to get great value when it comes to furniture, spending hours bargain-hunting for BOGOF deals on wardrobes. Saving up to put down a huge deposit on a house means there is little cash left for the interior. However, wooden flooring can be a wise investment, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t save money by installing it yourself.

If you’re fitting your wooden floor to existing floorboards, make sure these are stable and creak-free. It’s also useful to place an underlay on top of the old floorboards, to help retain warmth and reduce noise transmission. Bring the new flooring into the room where it is going to be fitted, and open the packs, allowing the wood to acclimatise for a few days. Although it is pretty straightforward to buy cheap bedroom furniture online, it may be a good idea to actually visit your flooring supplier. When buying wood flooring for the first time, you want to make sure your flooring supplier is reputable and can offer advice if necessary. Choosing the right product will ensure the best results.

Consult a reliable DIY online forum or manual for step-by-step instructions on laying your floor, and take your time. Maybe a friend or relative has experience in this field and can offer tips or help. Many wooden floor-boards are provided pre-finished but if you are finishing them yourself, take care to choose an appropriate wax or oil which will enhance your handiwork and keep your floor looking good for generations to come.

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