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The Bathroom May Be Your Most Important Room

Bathrooms and en suites tend to be the most important rooms in any house, yet they also tend to be the smallest. In turn, many people overlook just how much they could utilise with such a room and instead simply decide to make do with something that is very much underwhelming.

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7 Ways to Banish Bad Smell from Bathroom

There probably isn’t any bathroom in the world that at some time or the other did not suffer from bad odour. This is one room in any house that is always plagued by smells and keeping it odour free is every home maker’s nightmare.

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Feeling Flush In An Energy-Efficient Bathroom

When splashing out on a new bathroom, make the most of the opportunity to cut your water and heating bills by installing new energy-efficient models to replace your old fittings. At the same time, make sure your existing heating system is running efficiently. To save on heating costs, and prevent the radiators in your bathroom […]

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