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5 Creative Changes to a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

In order to reverse the crisis the environment is currently facing, the world needs to make some lifestyle changes. Reducing the carbon footprints may seem overwhelming, but you can begin with small changes to your daily life.

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Being a green homemaker

Redecorating your home and maintaining a green ethos can sometimes be a difficult thing to achieve. However, with so many more eco-friendly products available today, it is possible though it will cost you more. Many household paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – these are the ones you want to avoid. Normal household paints can […]

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Does your car say as much about you as your home?

Your home says a lot about exactly who you are – whether you want it to or not. So if you’re an out and out home-making “nester” of a person, with a family and a cared for and loved environment – or a single man minimalist with a chair and a large screen TV on […]

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