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Sustainable Flooring Tips

In today’s hi-tech world, many of us are keen to bring nature back into our home, with authentic, natural and sustainable materials, rather than synthetic, quick-fix solutions to our décor needs. A wooden floor will look wonderful for years to come and brings warmth and organic beauty into our homes.

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What Types of Industrial Flooring Should I Choose?

If you’re running a commercial or industrial business, your choice of flooring is of vital importance – it’s not simply about what looks good, but about what’s going to be safe and durable for your operations and employees, too.

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Designing Your interior to Avoid Bad Feng Shui

Some people have all the good fortune in the world, whilst others have bad luck by the bucket full. To those people who seem to only attract bad luck, it could be that the design of your home is attracting bad feng shui. The bad feng shui could be caused by anything. It could be […]

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