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Being a green homemaker

Redecorating your home and maintaining a green ethos can sometimes be a difficult thing to achieve. However, with so many more eco-friendly products available today, it is possible though it will cost you more. Many household paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – these are the ones you want to avoid. Normal household paints can […]

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Recycle when you redecorate

It’s hard to be green when you want to revamp your home with new decoration and furniture. But it can be done – it may just require a bit more effort and research.

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Save energy and money when doing your washing up

For anyone who has a family, family finance is a big concern, especially in these tough economic times. So, finding ways to save money and energy has rarely ever been so important. by Ben Weiner Whether you have a family or not, there are plenty of quick and simple ways in which you can begin […]

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