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The Best Green Motoring Choice

You may be thinking about changing your car for the sake of the environment, because you’ve been driving a gas guzzler for years and you feel bad every time you fill up with petrol or diesel, using up yet more of the planet’s finite resources of fossil fuel.

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But before you go and make your green conscience clear by buying yourself one of the latest electric vehicles or hybrid cars, stop and think about it seriously. Are you doing the best thing for the environment by getting a new car, or is it really a better choice to continue with the car you have?

You might get a more fuel-efficient car than you have at the moment, but have you factored in the environmental costs in the production of a new car, and the environmental costs in dealing with the car that you’re getting rid of?

Although you might like the idea of getting behind the wheel of a new Honda Insight or Toyota Prius, be honest, is it really about the environment, or is it more about liking the idea of owning one of those new eco cars?
Instead of changing your car for the sake of it, if it runs well, you may as well stick with what you have. There are other ways you can help the planet other than trading in for a new eco car.
Firstly, plan your journeys to avoid peak traffic times – the less time you spend idling in a queue, the fewer carbon dioxide emissions your car will add to the atmosphere. And think about doing things like carpooling – whether it’s for the school run or for your commute to work. Even if that’s not an option, you could make yourself use public transport one or two days a week and leave the car on the driveway.
Small changes to your lifestyle can be just as eco-friendly as the big gesture of buying an eco car, and work out a lot more affordable too!

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