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The Big Turn Off

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by JSmith Photo

This December I have noticed a severe lack of over the top outside Christmas lights on peoples houses in our area – and whilst the children are disappointed at the disappearance of all the grottos I think it is a good thing. Perhaps people realised that it cost them a small fortune to light their sleighs, snowmen and Santa’s or perhaps it is down to their eco-friendly consciences telling them not to waste so much energy. Both ways the net result is the same and the drain on our precious resources has lessened.

It got me thinking about energy efficient lighting within our homes as well, and looking around the house we still have some old fashioned light bulbs that could do with replacing. It may cost a little more to start with as the bulbs are more expensive, however they do last an awful lot longer and you will ultimately see the difference on your energy bill too. I have decided to do away with other decorative lights too. We have fairy lights on some of our bed frames which we can do without, and I have decided to create a romantic mood with candles instead – they still look really pretty.

My other New Year’s lighting resolution is to make sure that all the family turn lights off when they leave a room. It is amazing how many lights we leave on all the time and there really is no need. You never know, with all the money saved by being eco friendly with my lights I might even decide to treat myself to the new bed in Bensons which I’ve got my beady eye on. I think I will have to wait until the next energy bill comes in before I make any big decisions, but I have definitely taken a big step in the right direction.

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