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The Magnificent Obsession with Decorating

Who doesn’t want their home to look as accommodating and comfortable as possible? Just about everybody has this basic human desire, and why not? Our impulse to be safe, but also comfortable, is deeply embedded in our most ancient genes. Just a quick look at some of the surviving monuments from antiquity show that even our ancestors placed not only a tremendous value of comfort, but also had a deep desire for a sense of immortality. What remains for us to see belonged to the highest echelons of each civilization’s ruling class, such as the most important rulers and high priests of each culture. Only they could afford to have the most precious stones, valuable jewellery and imposing palaces. We can have a pretty good idea of what they were concerned with and a lot of it had to do with luxury and comfort.


The Rise of the Middle Class

Today’s societies around the world are mostly structured quite differently. There is a huge middle class, rather than just the extremely wealthy and everyone else living in abject poverty. As a result, people have far more disposable income available to not only buy, but also decorate their dwellings. Here in the UK, partly thanks to the extensive reach of the Internet, we can easily be aware of what people are choosing for their decorations and what is considered trendy.

What’s Hot at the Moment?

It doesn’t take much to transform the look of a room. An accessory here, a touch of colour there and everything changes. What are interior designers considering these days when they get such an assignment? There are a wide variety of choices, but some of the latest items include:

  • Light that is filtered throughout a room. This technique makes any room look softer and more accommodating. Any object within that space will be seen as having more character and its individual characteristics will be appreciated more fully.
  •  Brass objects are highly desirable, because they have an element of class and permanence which is difficult to achieve with other materials. As they age, they also develop a patina which makes them that much more interesting.
  • Grass cloth wallpaper is relatively inexpensive, easy to install and adds both texture and visual appeal to any wall. Because it is made from natural fibres, it gives any room the feeling that there are some truly natural elements present.
  • Floral designs that are off the beaten track. Rather than the usual collection of roses, begonias, tulips or any other traditional flower, many are going for slightly different designs. Arrangements that feature colourful leaves, grasses and even seed heads are becoming quite popular.

When It Comes Time to Sell Your Home

There are times when no matter how much love and attention you might give your home, you have to sell it. Often, there isn’t a lot of time available to wait for the right buyer to come along, or an offer that you might feel is acceptable to materialize. When you sell your house, you want it done fast. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to accomplish this with a minimum of fuss and complication. This is one of those situations in life where what may appear to be a complex situation can actually be solved to your complete satisfaction within just weeks.

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