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The Many Ways You Can Save Energy in the Kitchen

Kitchens generally consume more energy than other areas in the home when the weather is good. When the weather is rotten, as it’s been for much of the country as of late, then it isn’t uncommon for the kitchen to take an even greater toll on the household’s utility bills.

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There are many easy and hassle-free ways to save energy in the kitchen, not to mention your family’s carbon footprints, so take note of the following ideas – you’ll find that it’s actually remarkably straightforward to lower your energy expenditure.


The fridge isn’t the only kitchen appliance that could be used more wisely as many families have found.


There’s no need to fill the kettle right up, just fill it with as much water as you need with a little to spare to cover the heating element so it doesn’t burn out.

This will save you a lot in energy expenditure and you won’t have to wait half as long for the water to boil.


In addition to using the right size pan on a gas or electric hob so as to avoid heating air, when using a frying pan or saucepan put a lid on it to accelerate heating and cooking times.

This will also have the effect of ensuring your food is cooked all the way through and might also help you to avoid burning dinner since you can lower the heat.

Use a steamer rather than boiling vegetables in multiple pots so as to use one ring rather than several.


With the exception of the fridge, ovens consume more energy than any other kitchen appliance and therefore should be used sparingly.

For grilling and making toast and similar meals, consider a small bench-top grill and invest in one of the energy efficient Neff microwave ovens to heat food or leftovers instead of using the oven.

Using ceramic or glass cooking dishes over metal helps to reduce energy consumption because these two materials boast better heat retention qualities and you can reduce the temperature 25 F (20 C) on average.

You’ll find that you can significantly reduce your energy bills by reducing your reliance on your oven.


There are so many electric kitchen gadgets on the market these days, most of which we don’t have need of.

Do you really need electric knives, coffee grinders and beaters? Most people find they don’t and that they can easily reduce their reliance on them and lower their energy bills in the process.


As you’ll come to realise, there’s no need to install underfloor heating in the kitchen to keep it warm even though you might live in a particularly cold region.


Harnessing the power of the sun is one of the most cost-effective, energy efficient ways to reduce kitchen heating expenditure, though you’ll need to have double-glazed windows to reap the fullest benefits.


Kitchens are often home to an abundance of leaks that allow warm air to escape. Unfinished spaces behind cupboards and pantries are common culprits but there could be many areas in your kitchen where warm air escapes.


When you’ve finished cooking in the oven, leave the door open so as to allow that wonderfully warm and fragrant air to circulate. Moreover, you won’t need to shout out ‘dinner’s ready’ – they’ll be following their noses!

There are more ways that you can save energy in the kitchen. Those listed above are only a few of them. Take a look around your own cooking area and see how you can reduce your carbon footprints today!

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