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The most important thing about a greener life

What’s the most important thing about living a greener life?
The answer to this question may at first seem obvious; it’s all about doing your bit for the environment. From driving low emission cars like a Honda hybrid, to recycling your rubbish and conserving energy, you do your bit for our collective good. You do it for the planet for the sake of your fellow man and the generations still to come right?

Of course, this is the bottom line. But the truth is that no matter what efforts you make, your environmental impact is going to be absolutely microscopic on a global scale – unless you’re Barack Obama, perhaps.
Perhaps then, what’s even more important is the effect it has on you as a person.
It’s like doing good turns for others even if they don’t know you did something for them – nor will ever find out. It makes you feel good, it brightens up your own life and it spreads a little joy through our collective human pool.
And if you don’t believe me; try it out for yourself. Take five minutes out of your busy schedule to do someone you know an anonymous kindness and see what happens to your psyche.
You’ll find that it fills you with a deep inner joy that is beyond words. This may sound a bit religious or ethereal – and perhaps it is. But it works.
The same principle holds true when making your personal choices in life. It may feel good temporarily if you think you look good and have lots of cash, for example. If you’ve won the Lottery and pick up a brand new Ferrari, you love it for a while, but then what?
The problem is that this stuff is mere titillation. It’s mind and body-related only – completely neglecting the spirit. It’s the sort of reason that people who seem to have it all are so sad deep down and are so often self-destructive.
So if you do win the lottery, get yourself a new car by all means, but make sure it’s a planet-friendly hybrid vehicle. Honda recently launched the Insight – the most affordable hybrid vehicle on the UK market – which will leave you plenty to use the rest to help others. You will feel better for longer and justifiably so. Your spirit already knows this by the way!

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  • I completely agree. Yes you are making an impact on the environment, even if it is in a small way, but if everyone did their bit, it would be a considerable effort. What people forget is the intrinsic value of doing your bit. Enriching your life through the thought that you are causing no harm in the way you live your life is something people need to feel when they live a greener life.

    Juan Miguel Ruiz (Going Green)

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