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The Need for Halogen Replacement Bulbs

Halogen light bulb is a type of incandescent light bulb, though it burns much more brightly. This has been popular for many applications including its uses for automotive headlights, stage lighting, photography, film and slide projectors, and for architectural applications such as for exterior building lighting and for aesthetic appeal.

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Designed like the conventional light bulbs, it is known to be more efficient and has a longer life expectancy besides burning more brightly. It consists of a tungsten filament, while the bulb uses quartz instead of glass to make it smaller and for its ability to withstand higher temperature. Depending on its applications, a halogen bulb can be more energy efficient than a standard incandescent and even the fluorescent lamp. 

Halogen bulbs also use halogen gases instead of argon or nitrogen, which was used in conventional light bulbs. The light bulb works by when electricity is applied to the tungsten filament, which in turn heats up and puts out light. The filament will break down the tungsten as it heats up causing the tungsten to collect inside the bulb, which is manifested by the dark deposits. Once the filament breaks at its weak point, this is the time that you need halogen replacement bulbs as the light bulb burn out.

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