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The Top Five Cycling Friendliest Cities in the World

Cycling has its many benefits relating to environmental, health and saving precious money. Cycling helps the rider to remain in good physical shape and is equally enjoyable activity of the weekends too. But most of the people have not thought to explore the main city on this two wheeler. This can really be a fun ride for you to explore a particular destination or attraction especially if you are on vacations.

Cycling on the road

It totally depends upon you whether you are a person who loves to exercise by using pedal power for cycling or you prefer not to put stress on your knees and makes use of an electric powered bike which are widely available. Here are the top five friendliest cities in the world for cycling:

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam has a compact city center with countless cycle lanes and with slow speed limits. A total of 40% of the commutes in Amsterdam takes place through biking, so you can consider Amsterdam a nice place to bike around. The attitude of the local quite is friendly and relaxed towards bikes. This ensures that if you are not a very competent and confident cyclist then there is nothing to worry about at all. Just remember to avoid the canal networks of the city.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and the hub of all the activities of Malaysia. It is considered to be an international city where you can find people from all over the world sharing their different culture and traditions. It is also a business hub too which is helpful in driving the economic growth too. Moreover, it has many tourist attractions and places to go in order to experience true colors and essence of Malaysia.

Though, it is not necessary for one to travel through the Kuala Lumpur by means of Car, Taxi or any other automotive. Rather you have good choice to move across by means of cycling through the whole city. There are new laws that protect the right of cyclers and allow them to have equal fun.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are visiting Copenhagen then it won’t be good if you miss out a chance to cycle around this beautiful city of Denmark. There are some nice choices for you in Copenhagen, like instead of buying one you can easily get a bike on rent. All you need to do is to give them some money as deposit which would be returned back to you once you return the bike. The best thing is that Copenhagen is one of those modern cities of the world where you have proper infrastructure for cycling.

Cycling Tour

Bogota, Columbia

Bogota is a city where only 13% of the population owns a car which means literally means that most of the people have two wheelers to move across the city and ample space for cycling too. You can easily hire a bike and discover the city as a local. Although they don’t have an infrastructure like other developed countries but still a lovely place to move through two wheels.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal has put much emphasis on improving the city for cyclers by investing about $134 Million to make it more cycling-friendly by introducing separate bike lanes and bike locking points too. It has developed 2400 miles cycling a trail which is amazing for the whole cycling world.

So, all those who were thinking that cycling is getting impossible are not so true.

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