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Things to look for when buying a new home

If you are fortunate enough to be looking for a new home there are a few things that you should always bear in mind. One of these is the potential resale value of the property should you ever need to move.


Resale values
New homes are always appealing. They don’t have the wear and tear of older houses and the interior is just waiting for you to make your mark. Neat and well designed, they usually come with fitted kitchens and bathrooms and many of the better deals on the market include basic furnishings such as carpets and light fittings. Of course, this won’t be the case when you come to pass it on in three, five or ten years time. Then the house will be ‘lived in’ and it won’t have the attraction of being brand new – so consider what might attract a potential resident in the future.

Location, Location!
This is not just the name of a popular television programme – it is something that all prospective home buyers should consider. A good location for a family home is one that is within reach of good local schools; that is on a public transport link that can be accessed easily and with shops and other amenities nearby so that a car drive to an out of town supermarket is not always necessary. Another good location is the exact opposite of this – and will appeal to buyers who want to be well away from the city. This type of buyer is looking for peace and quiet and a rural location.

More and more people now put great store on an outdoor living area and a good garden is often a good selling point when it comes to moving on. The older generation in particular take pleasure in their gardens and will not be attracted by a small patch of decking and some pot plants. Professional couples with little time to spare, might be looking for a room that could be dedicated as an office space. Outdoor space will be less important for them but make sure that the garden gets reasonable sunlight and is a pleasant place to sit and relax.

Price is king
Price is always a key factor in choosing a property. Mortgages are increasingly difficult to come by and buying a new home at a higher price is not necessarily a good move if you expect to be moving on in years to come. The price of a new home often takes into account the fittings provided and there are government schemes to encourage purchasers to opt for new-build. It’s important to remember that such schemes won’t apply to the next purchaser. Many house builders including Linden Homes have a wide range of sizes available so choose a home that fits into your budget without overspending.

Author: Jacqui Spalding is a regular writer for online home and building publications and keeps a watchful eye on new developments in her area, including the homes being built at Corby by #Keepmoat.

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