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Tips For Preventing Infestations From Common Pests

If you live in Arizona, it is possible that your home could become a hideaway for pets. Insects like ants, crickets and scorpions are common pests in Arizona. Companies like Green Tree Pest Control work with homeowners when these pests enter the home and property. No one wants to share their home with these pests, so many people will use preventative measures to keep them out. Here are some tips to keep the pests at bay:

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Check Your Screens for Holes

One of the most common ways that pests like insects find their way into the home is through screens. Even a small hole or rip in a screen can be an open door for insects like ants to enter. If you find holes or rips in your screens, take the steps to repair them as quickly as possible. It is best to use fine mesh screens when possible. You should also check doors, windows and even the eaves and foundation of your home for holes too. The more holes you plug, the fewer ways pests have to enter.

Check Your Home For Moisture

Many insects enjoy humidity, and they are attracted to moisture. Go through your home and fix plumbing leaks and cover any area that tends to produce a lot of condensation. Though rain typically isn’t a huge issue in most areas of Arizona, water from the home, even a small amount, can attract pests.

Clean Up Food And Trash

Most pests are opportunistic and will take advantage of any food source. This makes a kitchen a meeting place for pests of all kinds. However, you can prevent pests from gathering in your home by making sure you clean up after each meal. Wipe crumbs away, do not let dishes sit in the sink for too long and take out the trash. Remember, pests will not stay in areas where they cannot find food.

Yard Upkeep Is Important

Pests will also be attracted to things like mulch and organic matter like dead plants. Keeping your yard in tip top shape is an excellent way to ensure that you keep pests off of your property. You also want to be sure that you are pruning trees and shrubs away from your home. If you don’t, they can serve as a bridge for insects to enter.

Preventing pests from entering your home is a good way to keep your home life free of frustration. By using the above tips, you can easily keep unwanted visitors from nature away from your home and your family.

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