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Tips For Saving Energy in Your Bedroom

Well now then, the obvious one is of course: lie down more! Ha, ha, ha. But seriously, I’m not talking about saving your own energy but reducing the energy that is used up in the bedroom in order to reduce your environmental impact and also your bills. You can of course save energy all over the house in similar ways, and many people focus on the kitchen in order to introduce changes. Don’t forget the rest of the house though, here are a few things to be aware of to change in the bedroom that may have an impact in your home:

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1. Replace all the light bulbs with energy saving versions. Don’t forget the lamps by your beds as well as the main ceiling light.
2. Leave the lights off as much as possible and make the most of natural light when you can by clearing the window area and installing light drapes.
3. Turn off the television and any other equipment completely rather than leaving it on standby. This makes more difference than you might think.
4. Unplug electric blankets on the double beds when you’re not using them. They are real energy guzzlers so keep usage to a minimum as far as possible.
5. Keep the windows closed if the weather is cold and the heating is on. As my Mother used to say ‘I’m not paying to heat the garden!’ Keeping the door shut will also keep the room warmer.
6. Make sure your loft insulation is up to scratch above the bedrooms so that heat isn’t lost through the ceiling. A good tip is to look at the roof when it is covered in snow: any melted areas indicate heat escaping.
7. Wrap up warm and layer the bedding appropriately for the season. This will help to keep you cosy and the heating bill down.

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