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Top Tips to Planning Your Christmas Lights

An impressive display of Christmas lights is not only enjoyable for you and your family; it spreads a little joy around the whole neighbourhood. Many people, especially children, enjoy walking or driving round the streets to see the sparkling roofs and gardens of those who have made a big effort with their Christmas lights. If you want to create a memorable display for the festive season, there are several things to take into consideration.
Christmas light
Themes and Colours
While many people just put up a selection of various items in the classic Christmas colours of red, green and gold, having a unique theme or a special colour scheme can be very effective. Why not have families of snowmen in different shades of the same colour, or a scene from one of your children’s favourite films? You are only limited by your imagination. You don’t need to only use different coloured bulbs to create the effect you want. If you order your Christmas lights from BLT Direct, or another specialist lighting company, you can buy flood lights which can be used to bathe your display in many different colours to give an enchanting effect.
Making a Plan
Once you have decided on which colours and themes to use, you need to plan exactly where to place your lights. You can either use a paper and pen to sketch out a plan, or take a digital photo of the outside of the house and upload it to an image editing programme, where it is easy to change and manipulate. If you aren’t too confident designing freehand, dedicated software is available for Christmas light planning. Your plan needs to include the exact location of available power sockets; it’s no good putting a display in and then finding that the cable won’t stretch far enough at that part of the building.
Preparing the Area
Many Christmas movies and TV shows depict householders putting up their Christmas lights using a staple or nail gun. This looks like a speedy and efficient way of fixing long strings of bulbs to your house, but it is actually very dangerous, and not recommended. The staples and nails can damage or split the cables, leaving them dangerously exposed, and you run the risk of an electrical shock. The safest way to hang your outside lights is using specially designed clips. It’s a good idea to get these up as soon as possible, while the weather is good. If you wait until near Christmas, snowy or icy weather may make fixing the clips difficult and dangerous. The clips can be left up all year round, so once they are installed, the following year will be less effort.
Testing the Lights
Always plug your lights in and test them before putting them up. It is much easier to sort out dud bulbs on the ground, than trying to do it once the lights are strung up.
If you follow these basic guidelines, you should have a dazzling display this Christmas to delight not only your household, but everyone who sees it.
Author Bio: Sarah is a freelance writer. She recommends getting Christmas lights from BLT Direct to celebrate her favourite time of year. After an Australian childhood with Christmas on the beach, she finds the winter traditions magical.

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