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Turn your dining room green with the right lighting

People are increasingly trying to look for ways to do everything possible to boost their green credentials, particularly around the home. If you’re doing any home improvement projects this year, that’s a great time to try and green your rooms in the process.

right Lighting
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One way of making your house more eco friendly is by choosing the right bulbs and lighting for the rooms. If you’re upgrading your dining room, you probably have in mind the lighting you want to install around the space.

Chances are you’ll be keen to highlight the dining table with a lampshade or chandelier above it, to make sure it’s the focal point of the room. As well as this, around the rest of the room you’ll probably position the lamps and lighting on different pieces of the dining room furniture to draw attention to and highlight various features you have.

Whatever lampshades and lighting options you go for, the lightbulbs you install can make a big difference to how green the room is.

Inefficient lightbulbs are slowly being phased out, so you’ll soon have no choice other than to make sure all the lighting in your home is green. But in the meantime, you should try to find eco-friendly bulbs where possible anywhere as they are generally brighter and they tend to last longer, so you’ll see savings on your electricity bills and you’ll be purchasing bulbs less frequently.

Energy-saving lightbulb
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Energy-saving lightbulbs can save you a fair amount of money each year if you install them around the whole of your house, not just in the dining room.

If you’re keen to do something to help the environment and boost your green credentials, lowering your carbon footprint, changing the lighting you have around your dining room is a fantastic and easy way of doing so.

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