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Types of vacuum cleaner for house cleaning: characteristics and advantages

If you already have to replace your old vacuum cleaner or simply want to acquire a new one, you should know the different types of vacuum cleaner that you can find today in the market and what are its main advantages compared to other models.

Vacuum Cleaner - Types of vacuum cleaner for house cleaning: characteristics and advantages

As you will see, although traditional vacuum cleaner models continue to be marketed, new technologies have improved the performance of this appliance that allows us to save time and effort in cleaning the home.

Bag vacuum

The traditional vacuum cleaner, which stores the dirt in a bag that must be replaced when it is full. Although they are more affordable than the most modern vacuum cleaners, the fact of having to change the bags periodically supposes an added cost to take into account. However, changing the bag is simple and practical, because it does not require cleaning the device.

Bagless vacuum

Bagless vacuum cleaners store dirt in a compartment that empties directly into the trash. Some modern models work with a water tank to collect dirt in a more ecological way. Vacuum cleaners without a bag have a higher cost than traditional ones, although it is compensated with the savings of not having to buy spare bags.

Vacuum cleaner

The famous “vaporeta” is more appropriate for intensive cleaning of floors, carpets, upholstery, curtains, tiles and similar surfaces. It combines the power of a Best Cheap vacuum cleaner for house cleaning with that of the steam, so it offers excellent cleaning and disinfection results, although it is not practical for the use that is given to a vacuum cleaner every day. Its price is usually high and usually includes several accessories to adapt the cleaning to different surfaces.

One of its drawbacks when it comes to handling is that it requires filling the water tank with some frequency and can cause burns if not handled with caution.

Broom vacuum cleaner

This type of Cheap Vacuum Cleaners on the market are characterized because they work without cable, since they have a rechargeable battery. Among its advantages, we can highlight that they are lighter and easier to use, although they do not usually have great power. Therefore, these vacuums are more suitable for specific House Cleaning or in specific spaces. For example, they are suitable for cleaning the kitchen floor whenever we detect crumbs or have cooked. Among its advantages, its price is affordable and have a removable deposit that can be emptied directly into the garbage.

Robot vacuum cleaner

You can clean your home with cheap yet effective appliances like vacuum. So you can try your best model. They are the latest fashion in Vacuum Cleaners in budget, since they work autonomously, moving through the surfaces avoiding obstacles thanks to the sensors they incorporate. They are ideal for diaphanous spaces and with hardly any obstacles, since it is how they work best. Its great advantage is that you can program to clean the area you want without having to be present. They have a high price, since they are the most modern in the market, although they hardly consume electricity and are very silent.

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