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Unusual interior design ideas

For many years, summer design trends have been all about light pastels, farmhouse whites and woods, and minimal, open spaces that capture the golden rays of the midday sun as they grace your home. This year, ethnic patterns have gained prominence, and designers are touting a more daring approach that uses dark colours, deep blues, purples, and greens. The central theme is bringing the outside inside, and this has been enhanced by the popularity of sustainability and eco-friendly design.

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Going Green
Pantone has officially announced green, specifically emerald, as the official colour of 2013, and magazines such as Elle have been championing the colour and the importance of natural patterns and artificial plants and grass from suppliers like

Outside Inside
From the unusual and elaborate to the commonplace, artificial grass has become the cause celebre of interior design. The versatility of artificial grass, combined with it’s hardwearing durability and ease of maintenance and upkeep, makes it the perfect addition to any room in the house. From children’s bedrooms and chilled lounges to whole indoor parks, designers have been going crazy over the stuff. Because the installation of artificial grass inside your home is far easier than in your garden, costs are lessened without the need for groundwork.

This Way to the Gallery
The mammoth collection of over 26,000 exteriors and interiors at, where you can browse the very best in inspiring ideas by sections for each room, speaks a thousand words about the possibilities of artificial grass for your interiors. Simple ideas and quick tips are readily available from interior design blogs such as Most Wanted Interior Designs, and with trained experts at a reputable company like you can be sure of choosing a product that is perfectly suited to your personal tastes.

The Lounge
Sit back, relax and let your feet grace the fine soft texture of something like ‘The Heath’. Bamboo furniture, some natural leaf decals or patterns and potted plants can give the impression of summer any time you want it.

Children’s Bedroom
Nurture your child’s sense of space and their encourageable desire for all things outdoor with a carpet made from a turf such as The Outfield – worms and mud not included. The hardwearing character of this grass is perfectly suited to running, jumping and all the spills and knocks a bedroom will take. Simply wipe away any spillage without the need for stain removers or elbow grease.

The Dining Room
Cover the whole of this busy and well-used room with an artificial lawn to conjure that sense of freshness and natural cleanliness. Alternatively, use your ingenuity and creative flair to add artificial grass to different areas, in different shapes, to create highlights and nuance.

The Inside Out Room
Another popular idea is to lay artificial grass, decked with potted plants and natural looking furniture, in the entranceway to a room that meets your garden. Blur the boundaries of your four walls by inviting nature to dally with your conservatory or living room, creating a seamless union between the landscape outside and the landscape inside.

Author Bio: Sarah is a freelance writer who worked in the landscaping and conservation business for over ten years. She recommends using for a high quality finish to your fake lawn. She currently lives in Edinburgh.

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