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Using Blinds and Awning to Enhance the Use of Private and Commercial Spaces

There is a range of thing you can do to completely change the look and functionality of your house without buying new furniture or repainting the walls. By making use of roller blinds to vary light exposure, indoor and outdoor spaces can receive a complete facelift, serve as social or private spaces, and obtain a greater degree of functionality. Read the discussions below to see how you can completely change they way you see your house.

Roller Blinds

Indoor Spaces
Go through each room and have a look at the amount of light and heat captured in each area. As we rarely take the time to consciously think about it, we are usually not alert to how the use of light and the amount of heat affects our enjoyment of each room. Consider the following:

  • What are the possibilities for this room? Would you like this room to become more of a private space, or open it up to more light for social activities?
  • In which direction does this room face? East-facing rooms will have a lot of night during the day, while west-facing rooms will capture a lot of afternoon heat.
  • How much light enters this room during day time?
  • How much heat does this room capture during winter and summer?
  • How will change the light and heat levels affect your enjoyment and use of this room?

If there is a lot of direct sunlight but you want to keep it a social space and maintain the same level of brightness, there are specialist blinds made from sun blocking material that can minimise UV levels while still allowing in light. Adjustable blinds can give the option of allowing in light as you like. Choose colours and fabrics that enhance the look of your room and complement the colour scheme of your house.

Outdoor Spaces
Awnings have been used for centuries. They are a cost effective way of enhancing your home. If you have a patio, a balcony, or a deck, installing an awning can brighten up the space and turn it into a suitable spot for social gathering, or a private space ideal for retreat in any kind of weather. Awnings are built from weather resistant material and often have UV protective properties. They protect your windows from exposure to the element, and minimise glare and heat entering through your windows if you don’t have blinds, or like to keep your windows open.

If you have been neglecting your veranda, deck or patio, take stock of the space and consider how it would look with some heavy or medium shade. Awnings can provide much needed shade to plants, allowing you to brighten out the outdoor space with a selection of pot plants. Choose awnings with solid, yet lightweight frames that are guaranteed against corrosion, and pick a colour that complements the appearance of your house. Retractable awning add greater flexibility: you may choose how much direct light to allow into the space, and adjust this as the weather changes.

For commercial spaces, such as restaurants and cafes, awnings can be a great way to attract more customers and more space to your property. Likewise, offices and factories can make use of awnings to control heat and help protect stock or goods sensitive to heat and light.

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