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Ways to Utilise Your Front Yard

Front yards can often be difficult to work with. If you have a backyard as well, it’s obvious that you’d prefer your children to play in the back, and entertain in the privacy of an enclosed back yard. But what do you do if you have the space of a decent sized front yard and aren’t sure how to get the most use out of it? We’ve got some great ideas here to help get you started.

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Often, when a property has a backyard, the front yard is used as the perfect space to build a carport or secure spot to park your car. Having a carport or lock up garage for your vehicle has its advantages too. Not only is there a possibility that your car insurance costs will go down, but it also means that your vehicle is protected from the elements. No more racing out to put blankets on the car in heavy rain or a hail storm.

Garden or water feature

Rather than just letting your front yard go to waste, why not turn the space into a real feature of your property? You can do this several ways by:

* Creating that garden you’ve always wanted to, but never had the space or time to make.

* Why not install a beautiful water feature? A waterfall, pond or fountain can really give your home an instant lift.

* Why not start a veggie patch? If you have the space, a vegetable patch can turn into a wonderful relaxing hobby the whole family can get involved with!

Don’t have a backyard?

Then your front yard is even more important to you and your family. If you do want to be able to transform it into a space where you can let the kids play and the dog run around in, then investing in some fencing or screening hedges is a great idea.

Hedges are wonderful, and can really help you obtain the privacy you want. So you can have a BBQ outdoors and not feel like passers by can see everything! And while having a large hedge or fence securing the perimeter of your property may not automatically reduce the cost of your home insurance, it certainly should give you more peace of mind that your family and your home are less vulnerable to break-ins.

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they approach your home (in most instances). So it stands to reason that you want to ensure that it represents your home and your family by looking fabulous and well kept. I hope our list of ideas has given you some useful inspiration for how to transform your front yard into another area of your home, you enjoying spending time in.

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