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What are the Basic Tools for Electricians?

A professional electrician is an individual who is versatile and has complete knowledge about using specialized electrical tools. Electric tools can be put under the categories of hand tools and power tools. Electricians in London are in huge demand as they are frequently contacted by householders as well as office owners.

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Electricians in London use a wide range of tools while resolving he electric issues. There are some specific tools for dealing with some specific issues, while there are general tools as well. The list of equipments used by an electrician on a daily basis is long, but he takes with him only those required to deal with a certain problem.

The toolbox of an electrician always contain electrical job’s basic tools. These basic tools help the electrician to test circuits, do repairs and installations. Here is a list of some of the basic electrical tools, which can be categorized as hand tools and power tools.

Hand Tools

These tools are basically meant for performing basic electricity repair tasks. The older models of these hand tools were more difficult to use, as they used to cause hand and wrist injuries due to the repetitive movement of the hand. The improved designs of the tools does not harm either the hand or the wrist.

  1. Pliers : Pliers are used for cutting and bending wires. The side-cutting pliers are used for heavy-duty cutting and connector crimping. The diagonal-cutting pliers has two wedge-shaped heads compressed by a pair of scissor-grip handles.
  2. Wire Strippers: It is a stubby-bladed pair of scissors with large notches on the tools cutting edge. It is used when there is a requirement of cutting the wire’s plastic coating and not the wire itself.
  3. Screwdrivers: Screwdrivers are flat headed and square headed. These are used by the Electricians in London to tighten the terminal screws of switches, at the time of wiring.
  4. Utility knife: A utility knife is a multi purpose cutting tool. It helps to cut open the closed packages and to separate insulation from sheathed electrical cable.
  5. Multimeter: It is used to measure the attributes of an electrical circuit. Electricians can solve a lot of electric issues as this device helps in displaying the readings of the tool.

Power Tools
Power tools are electric tools like drills and saw. Power tools are manufactured with a cord and without a cord. These are both stationary as well as portable. These kind of tools are powered by either fuels or internal combustion engine.

Electricians in London are always equipped with flame resistant clothing, safety glasses, insulating gloves and dielectric footwear, to take care of their own safety while dealing with electric issues.

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