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What Countries are leading the World in Renewable Energy?

The way different countries manufacture, invest in and use renewable energy is measured by the World Energy Council. To measure, they use three aspect of the search for sustainable energy which are:

World in Renewable Energy

• Energy security – includes efficient management of the primary energy sources both domestic and external, reliable infrastructure and how well the energy companies can meet current as well as future demand.

• Energy equity – is determined by how accessible and affordable energy is to the population including things like mini redundant power supply.

• Environmental sustainability – is the development of a sustainable energy supply from low-carbon sources.

According to a United Nation’s report, investment in renewable energy is led by China closely followed by the United States, Germany, Italy and India. The top five nations that use renewable energy are:

The United States
The United States with 24.7 percent of the world total use is at the top of the list. It has increased because of federal, state and local tax and other incentives along with mandated sales goals. However, because of opposition in Congress and the private sector, the US is significantly behind China in investing in renewable energy.

Germany with 11.7 percent of the world total use is second. They have decided to phase out nuclear power within the next eight years. Germany has a decline in investment in alternative energy because it was a leader for several years.

Spain is the third user at 7.8 percent of the world total use. Wind power generates the largest amount of its electricity, and their wind power companies have installed wind farms all over the world. Because the economy is debt-burdened, the government has stopped its subsidies for renewable energy investment.

China is number four with 7.6 percent of the world total use. China is the largest clean energy sector investor and half of its financing goes to wind. However, China still gets 70 percent of its energy from coal and emits more CO2 than the next two largest emitters combined. China plans to reduce its dependence on coal by 20 – 30 percent by 2050.

Number five is Brazil with 5 percent of the world total use. Brazil is working with China for renewable energy sources and is developing technology for solar water heating. Brazil wants to emerge as one of the top green countries in the world by attracting and supporting foreign investment into solar energy. They have pledged to have all twelve venues for the 2014 World Cup powered by solar power.

In 2011, the total global energy use from wind, solar, geothermal and tidal was 1.3 percent, which is a raise of 15.5 percent from 2010. The reason for this is because many countries have made public policy and private investment to reduce their environmental impact and dependence on foreign energy sources.

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