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What Everyone Should Know in Buying Eco-Friendly Appliance Range

There are many homeowners who are now attempting to make their living spaces more eco-friendly. They are doing this not only to protect the environment but also to cut their bills by saving the energy used around the home. Sometimes, all they have to do is upgrade an existing appliance to a newer more eco-friendly household model, or they should avoid certain types of appliances in favor of energy-efficient products.

Washing Machine
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How will you know that you are buying an eco-friendly appliance range? A washing machine is one of the appliances that use a lot of energy in the home, so you better choose a machine that is A-rated and has a 40C wash in order to save electricity. Also, the front-loading models can save more energy than the top-loading one. In choosing a refrigerator, choose the one that is rated A+ or higher. The refrigerants used in the foaming agents that help insulate those in the circuit should have an ozone depleting potential of zero, and the potential for global warming for these parts must not exceed 15.

Choose a refrigerator that has a top and bottom instead of a side by side one, and avoid using ice makers, defrosters and heaters as they use a lot of electricity. Majority of homes use dishwashers and having the wrong model can cost you twice the amount of electricity that you will be paying. An energy efficient dishwasher has a booster heater, uses less water, produces less noise, has free take back to allow recycling of water and does not use flame retardants.

All the information that is necessary to determine how eco-friendly the appliance is should be clearly shown on its packaging, which should be made of 80% recyclable material. The size of the appliance also plays a part in determining how much energy will be used, so buy only the one that suits your needs. If you are still unsure, you can check Bosch Logixx for their environmentally-friendly appliance range. With the brand name alone, you are assured of high-quality appliances.

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  • Just in time! I’m looking to replace my fridge with something smaller and more energy efficient. I think people aren’t aware of how big a difference all these little features add up to. My family actually got rid of our dishwasher and did everything by hand. Everyone helps out now, instead of just dumping everything and doing their own thing. Going green brought my family closer together and we actually reduced our utilities bill. Hooray!

    Juan Miguel Ruiz (Going Green)

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