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What Homeowners Need to Do Before Installing Solar Panels

What Homeowners Need to Do Before Installing Solar Panels
Specialists predict an incredible splash in growth of solar generated energy throughout the nation. Currently, solar panels generate less than one percent of power in the U.S., but the progress in in-situ metrology tools that deliver exact measurements for efficient thin film application on any surfaces regardless of their characteristics proves that the number of generated solar power will significantly increase in the next couple of years. Some analysts even argue that by 2016 rooftop solar will be as affordable, if not cheaper, as traditional electric power.

Solar Panels Roof

But there’s more to it than the cost of the panels themselves. Many private homeowners must understand that before buying rooftop solar panels, a very thorough and, most likely, costly roof inspection and improvement must be performed. The main steps include: consulting with an architect or a licensed expert who can tell if your roof is designed to resist and endure the weight of the solar panels; all the leaks and worn out spots on the roof must be repaired before the installation; look if you have any large trees, long tree branches that can scratch the surface of the panels that must be trimmed or cut down; and perform any modification of the roof to accommodate solar panels. If everything is checked, your roof will be ready for the panels.

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