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What is an Eco-Home and Why Build it

Environmental awareness is certainly a serious issue these days, yet many people are clueless how to implement eco-friendly living into their daily lives. One of the simplest ways to do this is to have a green home.
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What are Eco-homes, how do they contribute to the environment, and how to build one, are some pertinent questions that get raised. The answers are remarkably easy and quite revealing.

An eco-home is a building that gets constructed with or uses local natural materials and designed to make optimum use of the prevailing conditions to reduce consumption of manmade energy, thus helping preserve the environment and deforestation. When one transports products, a lot of fuel and energy gets used; these are known as Carbon Footprints. Indigenous products do not use up carbon footprints and this aids in making a home eco-friendly. Besides using local materials, gives a home natural safeguards against weather conditions.
In the last one and half centuries, technology has advanced so much and given us a futuristic lifestyle with an amazing range of appliances. Today we cannot think of a life without modern gadgets, but we seem to have forgotten that all these need energy to operate. The Earth has a limited supply of conventional fossilized fuel, and we have collectively used up a lot of it, especially in these last hundred years. This is not only because of advances in technology, but also because of the population explosion. At this rate, we will be bequeathing a depleted planet to future generations and sentencing them to a bleak future. Therefore, it makes sense start caring for the environment now, and there’s no place like home to practice green living.
Implementing ideas to build a house eco-friendly is not all that difficult and just requires a little planning, research and effective design. Knowledge of prevailing climatic conditions is a must. This helps in designing, and one can take full advantage of natural resources to provide the house the best possible options and help conserve fuel. Properly placed windows can make most of the sun’s rays and get natural light and warmth into the house; thereby saving on energy by reducing the use of lights and heaters. Building materials acquired locally reduce carbon footprints and give a home better presence and ambience. Local products evolve in and also withstand the forces of nature in the area, so it makes sense using them to create a home.
Choose organic materials to furnish the house. Floorings and interiors built with appropriate materials can keep a home cool, during summer months. Using organic and natural products reduces energy bills and these are also healthier for us, as many synthetic products emit tiny doses of noxious fumes.
Every tiny detail that is incorporated goes into making a home truly green. These can include using cotton curtains and replacing plastic with biodegradable materials. Use CFL bulbs instead of traditional bulbs; not only will energy be saved, but electric bills will reduce, saving on money too.
One particularly salient feature of an eco-home is the use of Alternate energy! Solar energy is infinite and can power an entire home, giving one all amenities and luxuries. Installing a solar energy plant may cost initially but will pay rich dividends in the long run. There are also other types of energy resources, such as Bio-thermal energy, Biogas and Wind energy. Choose one, that can make optimal use of the conditions available around the house and is financially viable.
Ultimately, it is best to keep in mind, that building a green home is not a one time job, but an ongoing process. It is a lifestyle implication. Even the food, one eats, to clothes, cars and shopping, all of these contribute to carbon footprints, and one should think twice before indulging in these. Think of eco-friendliness as a journey, each step taken counts in bringing the goal closer

Author Bio : Naseem Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Shower Cubicles, the on-line store for designer bathroom products. She also loves reading and is passionate in writing about new and innovative bathroom products.

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