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When Is the Best Time of Year to Install Solar Panels?

The cost of installing solar panels has dropped by 19 percent in the last 12 months, and that is one of the reasons why millions of families are now investing in this technology. Even in colder climates, a residential solar array is going to continue producing energy throughout the year. Here is a quick look at a few variables you will need to consider before having your panels installed.

Solar Panels - When Is the Best Time of Year to Install Solar Panels?

Federal and State Rebates

Solar rebates and tax credits can be quite complicated if you have never taken a look at them before. As a general rule, most of these rebates and credits only last for a few years before they need to be renewed. The U.S. Department of Energy and your state’s energy board should both have information on their websites regarding which incentives are currently available and how long they are going to last. Homeowners shouldn’t assume that any of the credits or rebates will be renewed once they have expired.

Weather Considerations

One of the most common misconceptions about solar energy is that the panels will stop producing electricity during the coldest months of the year. While clouds do have an impact on how much power is generated, the panels will continue to produce electricity as long as some sunlight reaches them. The only weather patterns that are going to affect the installation process are heavy storms and lightning.

Roof Inspections and Repairs

Another popular time to have solar panels installed is immediately after renovating the roof. A roofing company like American Renovations can work closely alongside your solar provider to limit how much time is spent working on your home. If you plan on having your roof replaced in the near future, then you will need to completely remove the panels as well. It is much easier to repair or replace the roof right before the panels are installed.

Wait Times

Depending on where you live, you might end up waiting months to have your solar panels installed. Some cities only have one or two providers, and they could be backed up during certain times of the year. Homeowners who are considering solar energy should call all of the local providers to see if there is a peak time of year to avoid. Those providers might even offer you a discount for having the panels installed during their slower seasons.

For most homeowners, it makes much more sense to have the panels installed sooner rather than later. Once the panels are in place, you are immediately going to start saving money on your energy bills as well as your taxes.

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