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Why Basswood Shutters Could be the Right Choice for Your Home

When I was looking to replace the shutters in my house, my neighbor suggested basswood shutters. Seeing my skepticism, he began listing out the benefits, hoping I would change my mind. What I did was use the Internet to find out more about basswood shutters and to my amazement my neighbor was right, for a change!

Basswood venetian blinds

So, I did go with basswood shutters and my manufacturer and installer of choice was Customs Blinds and Shutter World. I couldn’t think of a better or more experienced shutter and blind company in Gold Coast. If you still have doubts about these wonderful shutters, here are some benefits to help you choose these timber shutters over others.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprints

I am a huge advocate of anything eco-friendly and basswood shutters top my list of being environment-friendly. Unlike shutters made from synthetic material, plastic or metal, the timber for these shutters is sourced from forests that are sustainable and do not require a lot of energy to process. Hence, I would choose these shutters any day over other materials just to reduce my carbon footprint.

Great Insulating Properties

The sub-tropical weather of Gold Coast means that you have to run your air conditioning unit throughout the year to keep your home comfortable. I found out I could reduce the time I kept my unit switched on due to basswood’s great insulating properties. Once the desired indoor temperature was attained, I could switch off the air conditioning until further need, as basswood will keep the cool air inside and prevent hot air from entering. In fact, if you live in colder climes of Australia, you should think about basswood shutters to keep the hot air inside and reduce your utility costs.

Resistance to Warping

Most people stay away from wood shutters because they are worried about the wood warping. Thankfully, this is not the case with basswood, also known as Linden. It is not affected by heat or moisture and hence, it is perfect for the humid climate of Gold Coast where other types of wood can warp and make your home look untidy.

No Size Constraints

I was a little worried about the French window I have in my living room. I thought I would have to opt for some other material given the huge size of the window. It was a relief to find out panel widths and heights could be increased or decreased based on the person’s requirement. This made basswood shutters extremely versatile in my eyes.

Highly Durable

Unlike other types of wood used to make shutters, basswood isn’t a porous wood. This makes the shutters extremely durable and resilient. The manufacturer also pointed out that this non-porosity of the wood meant adhesives could be used to make joints sturdy and long-lasting. Music to my ears!

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Okay, this is something all shutter manufacturers scream from the top of their lungs, but with basswood shutters it is a fact. Imagine you have curtains or blinds. You would have to remove them if they get dusty or soiled and wash them to restore their appearance. Basswood shutters do not require anything tedious in terms of maintenance. All I had to use was a damp cloth to wipe the slats and I was done. This made it perfect for me, as I always have limited time for home cleaning and maintenance.

Total Control Over Natural Light

The width of the slats makes it easy to control the amount of sunlight entering each room. I could angle the slats to keep the glare out without compromising on natural light. Also, if I wanted to have an afternoon nap, all I had to do was close the shutters to block out the sunlight. The room would become dark enough for my afternoon siesta.

Total Privacy and Safety

The manufacturer also pointed out the wide slats meant complete privacy. There was no question of outsiders getting a view of the inside of my home, so I could keep myself safe from prying neighbors and nosy passersby. Also, with no view of the insides, it meant I was safer from potential burglars.

With so many benefits of basswood shutters, I am surprised more people are not opting to get Customs Blinds and Shutter World installed. I hope these benefits convince you and help you make an informed and affordable choice.

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