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Why Breastfeeding Is Green Living

Many parents are concerned about the state of the planet and ensuring that their children have a decent and healthy world to grow up in. They may look for toys made out of recyclable materials, swap gently used clothing with other parents and even try to look for whole and organic food for their children. If  you’re one of the legions of parents who are looking to more environmentally sound choices, you’re not alone.

Breast feeding

Though you may not realize it, going the breastfeeding route is not only a natural choice, but it’s also a green one. Breastfeeding is readily available once you give birth, doesn’t come with excess packaging that needs to be thrown away and doesn’t require manufacturing plants and heavy transportation to get it from point A to point B. In essence, it’s one of the easiest environmental choices you can make when it comes to your kids.

Breastfeeding: The Natural Choice

Not only is breastfeeding a natural and environmentally sound choice, it’s also the most nutritious option for your new baby. Breast milk is the perfect combination of proteins, nutrients and fats, giving your baby exactly what he or she needs. In addition, breast milk contains antibodies that can actually protect your child as they grow, preventing them from illness and bacteria.

Additionally, creating a cozy spot for you and your baby to breastfeed creates a feeling of closeness and security between the two of you. Aim for soft lighting and use a breastfeeding pillow and cushions to make sure you’re both happy and comfortable. If you’re looking to give your child the best start while reducing your carbon footprint, going for the breast is oftentimes the best.

Breastfeeding By The Numbers

According to healthy living site, breastfeeding could save thousands of tons of waste ending up in landfills every year. If you take into account that nearly every year, over half a million women elect to bottle feed their children from birth. If those women were to change to breastfeeding, then over 2.5 million pounds of paper and 25 million pounds of metal would be prevented from heading straight for the dump in that first year alone.

Breast Milk Is A Renewable Resource

There’s a lot of talk about renewable resources such as wind and solar power, but very little attention is paid to breast milk as a renewable. From the time they give birth, most women are able to produce enough milk to feed their child for the first year of their life, adding in solid food at around six months. Breast milk is free and readily available, saving parents money and giving baby the best nutritional start to life.

Breastfeeding Has No Carbon Footprint

When thinking about formula, it’s important to realize its total impact on the environment. Not only will resources need to be used to produce it, but there are also transportation and the use of fossil fuels to deliver the formula to its destination that need to be taken into account. Breastfeeding, on the other hand, produces no carbon footprint. Milk is delivered directly to the consumer (your child) without even having to leave the house.

Breastfeeding Items Can Be Recycled and Shared

If you’ve elected to breastfeed, then you will likely want to invest in a breast pump so you’re able to express extra milk for use by a child carer or your partner when you’re not around. Breast pumps can easily be shared amongst a group of mommies, or purchased used from sites such as eBay or Craigslist. You will need to buy you own plastic components, but when you’re done with these you can generally recycle these elements too.

Keeping green is an important creed to adhere to for many parents, and by breastfeeding you can really put your money where your mouth is. Breastfeeding is a true renewable resource, and can keep your family’s carbon footprint to a minimum. Take advantage of this resource, and you’ll be doing your child, your wallet and the environment a favor. 

Writer Melanie Fleury enjoyed breastfeeding her children and all the benefits that come with it. She found that the breastfeeding pillows at made for a more comfortable time for both her and her little one.

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