Green living: Save Our Earth By Living Green

Why Plan for a Green Home

As a response to the growing environmental concerns, the architectural and construction industries have responded with responsible green building. In this building process, home owners will have to make sure that the design of their homes conforms to the natural landscape.

Plan 3D

With green building, the conservation of nature is of primary concern. It is also safer, healthier and more comfortable to the occupants of the home. They also cost less to maintain and operate.

Some great ideas that you can implement for your home includes the use of passive solar design for natural heating and cooling, designing the house in such away that the broad side faces the north or south in warm climates, and to use concrete or stone to capture more heat in areas with colder climates, among others.

To make the designs of your home a lot easier, Plan 3D is a great tool to use since it provides a realistic design that allows you to see how every nook and cranny of your home will look like even before it was built.

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