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Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Memorial Stones

So many people have decided to live environmentally friendly lifestyle. Most people who do live a green lifestyle prefer to be eco-friendly in death as well. There are several reasons to use eco-friendly memorial stones. Using memorial stones that are eco-friendly cuts down on cost, fuel emissions, and does little damage to the surrounding areas. Leaving little to no carbon footprint is important to many eco-friendly people.


Leave little to no carbon footprint

Everyday millions of people cause harm to the environment in the form of carbon footprint. Many people, plants, and animals suffer because of all the pollution within our planet. If you live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you know how important it is to leave little to no carbon footprint so that future generations can have a healthy life. Using eco-friendly memorial stones is one way that you can help offset your carbon emissions. Purchasing a memorial stone that is eco-friendly would be a great legacy to leave behind. It also helps to buy from local businesses that care about the environment and understands your need to be eco-friendly even in death.

Go local
In the past, many people purchased memorial stones that were imported from countries such as China or Egypt. By purchasing from local businesses, stonemasons can give you advice about the local stones in your area. Information such as the amount of waste, destruction to the surrounding environment, and gas emission can be found quickly if the stone is from a local quarry or stonemason. Purchasing from companies that import stones from overseas means an increase of fuel emission. You wouldn’t know if the surrounding areas have been effected by the stone quarry or if waste is disposed of properly. Using stones that are closer to you means less fuel used to transport the stone.

Cleaner air
Often times, the removal of stones mean plenty of air pollution. Small dust particles can give the local population and quarry workers health problems. These small dust particles are harmful to the surrounding plant and animal life. Using eco-friendly memorial stones from quarries that care about the environment helps protect and keep areas around the quarries as natural as possible. Cutting down cost is another reason why you should use eco-friendly memorial stones.

Cuts down on cost
While for some people, being eco-friendly is very important, it is also important that they leave their love ones financially stable. Eco-friendly memorial stones cost less. Since you would be purchasing locally, there would be no import cost and the price of transporting the stone to the location of your choosing will be low. This will leave plenty of financial resources for your love one while you are being eco-friendly.

By using eco-friendly memorial stones, you would be leaving a small carbon footprint and preserving the environment for future generations. Purchasing from companies who are environmentally friendly means you would be helping to make sure the lives of today’s plants, animals, and human population is cleaner and healthier. Eco-friendly memorial stones are also affordable so you wouldn’t have to compromise between being eco-friendly and wanting to leave their love ones with enough financial resources. Victoria Heckstall recommends using eco-friendly memorial stones to reduce the carbon footprint.

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