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Why Your Home Build Needs a ‘Green’ Assessment

Building a new home? You’ve spent endless hours on the design and how to furnish it, but have you put any thought into making your home environmentally sound as well? Making your new home project a green one allows you to help combat many of the enormous issues facing our planet in your own little way. Buildings account for an enormous amount of energy and resources – a whopping 39% of all energy used. This makes choosing sustainable products extremely important. Everything from your choice of lumber to the paint on your walls has an impact, not only on the environment, but for the health of you and your family. By being environmentally smart with your new home project you will also be looking out for your entire family’s well being.

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Pay attention to chemicals

One item of particular importance is the carpet on the floors of your new home. You may have struggled for hours finding the perfectly colored, soft carpeting but the chemicals that often are added to carpets have led to some serious health problems. You should also consider where you will be installing your new carpet as well. Although it can be aesthetically pleasing, wall to wall carpet in certain rooms can pose as a health hazard over time.

Paint is also loaded with nasty components that you don’t want to spend your life breathing in. Find something without volatile compounds!

Can it be recycled?

Building a new home uses an incredible amount of resources, many of which can come from recycled sources. You can get high quality recyclable materials for just about any aspect of your build. Truly devoted consumers can take it a step further and build an entire home from recycled items! Sure, that might be a little extreme for most of us – but the fact remains that most of what we use simply gets thrown away. By using recycled materials we are protecting our planet’s precious resources.

Finding high efficiency products

With so many options available for everything from windows to light bulbs, finding the right option that is both energy efficient and fits your budget can prove to be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, there are certain hints that can help you tremendously. One of which is the Green Seal. Purchasing any Green Seal certified item gives assurance and peace of mind that what you are putting into your home is 100% environmentally sustainable.

Invest in high efficiency furnaces, air conditioners and Energy Star appliances whenever you can. These products have significantly lower running costs, saving potentially thousands over a lifetime, all the while not putting as much of a strain on your local energy grid.

What about the price?

The one argument some pundits have against going green is the occasionally higher sticker price. While you may pay a little more upfront for a high efficiency product, the money that it saves you over time far outweighs the initial sticker shock. Going green takes foresight – it is an investment into not only your future, but the future well-being of the planet.

Environmental inspections

Making an environmentally friendly home can seem like a daunting challenge. Thankfully, there are professionals that you can hire to analyze and inspect every aspect of your property – from the dirt that your foundation is poured on to the quality of the insulation you plan on putting in your walls. Everything matters, and the information you get from these inspections can truly make an impact on the quality of your life. Its best to do this early, rather than later as the cost of replacing already used materials is far worse than doing it right the first time. Don’t know where to begin? Try Commonground for starters.

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