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Wrought Iron Stair Railing: Beautiful and Safe

If you are looking for materials for your stair railing, wrought iron is the best choice as it contains less amount of carbon. Used for outdoor furniture, doors, handrails, fencing, etc, it is more durable than cast iron. As a raw material for steel production, it is more malleable, soft and fibrous and made from a mixture of slag, poriferous iron, and other impurities.

Stair railing

Wrought iron has many useful characteristics, which is why; it is used for various designs and purposes. As a material for stair rails, it not only gives quality and classic look but for safety purposes as well. Though there are a number of materials that can be used for stair rails such as stone, wood, and other types of metal, wrought iron is still the most popular type to use.

Formerly used as spiral rails for tall buildings and light houses, it became popular for home use as well since they are very easy to install and can fit a number of styles. Like wine, it improves with age and can be made into different shapes and sizes depending on the kind of stairs you have. As a home decor, it is a favorite canvass of interior designers as they can make use their creativity to any extent.

Wrought iron stair railing can blend well with any type of staircase, durable and resistant to any type of weather; and whether you use it as a home improvement for entryway, loft, or balcony you are assured that you are not sacrificing safety for beauty.

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